„Romeo and Juliet“ at the DT in Göttingen

Review On the 27th of February 2019 our class 10a made a trip to Göttingen with our English teacher to watch Shakespeare’s most loved play: Romeo & Juliet. The play is about two families, the Capulets and the Montagues, who have been enemies for many years. They live in Verona, an Italian city. The director Paul Stebbings wants to show the consequences of this conflict. Romeo, Montague’s son, and Juliet, daughter of the Capulets, fall in love and because of the conflict this love turns quickly into death. The setting was kept simple but their acting skills made the audience feel the characters‘ emotions and feelings. There were different costumes and the renaissance music fitted the scenes very well. In my opinion the play was captivating. I liked that it was located in Baroque Italy. The drama was very powerful and interesting. I recommend it to everyone – it’s really worth while having this experience! Anastasia Papapostolou (…) The atmosphere was great because of the red seats and the golden balconies – as if you were at the opera. When the play began everybody was quiet. The actors were native speakers, so it was not always easy to follow every word. But the gestures and facial expressions were extremely good. In some scenes the six actors even sang and the music fitted well. Although the costumes were kept simple I liked them. Generally I would go there again to have a nice evening with my friends! Melina Dräbing (…) The actors were shouting at the audience and everyone in the theatre had the feeling he was part of the play, that the actors were directly speaking to you. They were playing with such an amazing power and energy. Another interesting point was that the actors had to play more than just one character. The overall effects were great and the play has no weaknesses at all. The message was quite clearly conveyed. I would recommend it! Carlos Burkhard

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