What a strange day…

Gedanken einer Schülerin der 10d zur momentanen Schulsituation, in der nur der Unterricht der vier Abschlussklassen an unserer Schule stattfindet.


Luna Phoenix 10d / Vorbereitung auf die Prüfung in Englisch



What a strange day…


After about five weeks of staying at home and social distancing as much as I could school finally started to open again. Obviously we’re not continuing as we normally would after a break – but there’s a whole bunch of new rules to follow  now – like making sure you keep your distance to others and wearing facemasks while moving through the building and during our break.

Our lessons consist of Maths, German and English and we are getting ready for our final exams. At the moment we are the only students who attend school, four classes altogether. The others are allowed to stay at home to prevent the virus from spreading.

The mood during classes is and especially before the first lesson was a little odd seeing everyone wearing masks and staying away from each other. It is such a strange experience that it doesn’t actually feel real.

But I can say that I am more focused now as we concentrate on three subjects only instead of eleven. To be honest this entire situation is so weird and strange – but  I think we can all learn important things. In future times situations like  these will be much more preventable or at least easier to handle. Some may even say there are always two sides of a coin: that the students get to focus more on their exams and that nature gets a break from all the pollution.

But all I can say is that I hope this pandemic will be over soon and I am very much looking forward to have my old life back again…

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